Sunday, March 29, 2009

All kinds of stuff.....

Since it has been a while, I have got all kinds of stuff to talk about.
First, I want to thank the people who contacted me about the life path spread. I really enjoyed doing them for you. So, THANK YOU!!!!!

Last few days I've been listening to some podcasts from The Tarot Connection. I've added them to my blog roll. Finally got round to using my mp3 player again. Really relaxing to listen to a tarot podcast while doing some stuff around the house!!
There are lot's more I didn't listen to yet, so I'm looking forward to that already!!

Today I was just playing around with my cards, and while shuffling them one card kept looking for my attention. It fell out a couple of times and popped up at the bottom of the pile..........
So I decided to give it some attention in this post, because I of course related to it.
The card I'm talking about is the ten of wands.

The reason I connected with this card, is because lately things have been a bit to much for me too handle. That's why I didn't see where I was going to and that it was too much to carry around with me. My body showed me signs however and when listening to them I finally got to the point of throwing the weight of my shoulder. Have to say, I feel much better now. This card reminded me again, that I have to be careful not to get in this situation again.

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