Sunday, May 24, 2009

I had a successful day

Yesterday I went to an intuitive workshop that was given by James Wanless.
Before I went, I drew a card of the day. It was the Ace of Cups, Success!! Wow, I had the opportunity to make this a great day and I was totally up for that!
The workshop was very insightful for me. James did some great exercises with us, which I really plan to use.
One thing that got clear: It's time to take action on practicing tarot for others!!! And that's what I'm going to do!!! Yeah, ACTION!!!
When you want to know more about the workshop, take a look at the
James' blog. He wrote a post on it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Wrong interpretations

Since I have been waiting all week long for a phone call about a job interview I have had, these cards got a little misinterpretation this morning. I was really running out of patience, so my mood wasn't all that............
They told me they would call this week and since its Friday time was running out.
When I pulled the Strength card on the position of issue of the day and the three of swords cards on the position of the lesson of the day, I thought this could mean that I would have to be strong today coping with disappointment.
Luckily for me, none of this tuned out to be truth. I got a call that I was invited for the next round and my chance for getting the job seems to be quite high!!!
So, up till now, it seems that the cards are telling me not to doubt my own strength, because when I do that negative thoughts are running through my mind, which will make me feel sad.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Change of process

Of course I know for myself that I'm going trough a different process right now. But it's showing in my daily draws too. Different cards are drawn than a couple of months ago.
Like the six of cups. This is a card that I never used to draw from the deck and it's been showing up more often lately.
While I always thought of this card to be a little childish, I can really connect with it right now.It shows me how things used to be and how much I want that back. It also shows me that I have to go back to remembering that old feeling. That childlike happy feeling, not worrying about problems.

I think it's pretty cool to see this change of process in the cards. It gave me lot's if insight!!!