Friday, January 30, 2009

Way of the great oracle

This week I got my hands on James Wanless' book: Voyager tarot: Way of the great oracle!!!This may not sound very special, but for me it kind of it, because this book was never released in the Netherlands. So while I wag googling on the title, I saw it was only available by ordering overseas. Then a link of a little Dutch bookstore popped up........... Probably would never have found it if I looked at their own website, cause the placed the book in the painting and drawing category (??????).As you can understand, I ordered it right away and last Tuesday it arrived. It's great to be able to read all the things James has wrote about the different cards. And also the combination that is made with other well known oracles!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The "1" cards of the Voyager

So, here is my first post about the Voyager cards. I'm starting with the "1" cards.
1. Magician
2. Fortune (10=1+0=1)
3. Sun (19=1+9=10=1+0=1)
4. The Aces
I started looking at these cards yesterday and wrote the things I noticed on some pieces of paper. For this post I will shorten my findings, because I have already wrote four A4 pages..............

I Magician
You see what happens in the world and everywhere around you, and you act on that. All elements (of the minor arcana) are available. Results are in your own hands. The energy to start new things. The power to use all elements available. It's how you use them to see what the result will be.
X Fortune
Wealth inside and out. Life is like a rollercoaster, with its ups and downs. Sometimes you need a bad thing to happen, to see the good things around you. Good things are coming to you.
Strength and warmth, that's what this card feels like. Enjoying life. The connection with everything around you. Positive energy and the possibility to receive it.
Warning: Don't get burned out, by using too much energy or using it the wrong way!
The connection I see between these major arcana cards: For me they all have something to do with power and energy. The power you use and the energy you're willing to put in (Sun), to accomplish something in your life (Magician). Doing this, you can comprehend with all the ups and downs you come across (Fortune).

Are you still with me.........?? Okay, here come the Aces.
Ace of wands: Illumination
An explosion of energy. The possibility to oversee things. This can make things more clear. You can put your finger on some things. You can guide your energy in the right direction.
Ace of worlds: Success
There are lots of possibilities. When you use the right qualities on the right moment, you can achieve a whole lot. When you know you're in the right place in this universe, you can be very successful.
Ace of Crystals: Brilliance
New ideas can set of a spark in your eyes. There are always more sides to things, examine all sides to know for sure. All possibilities you see, puts you aside from the others around you. You only have to see a glimpse of something, to get an explosion of ideas.
Don't hurt yourself by having negative thoughts.
Ace of Cups: Ecstasy
You can get excited by the beauty in everything that surrounds you. You have an eye for things/people/nature that appear to be fragile. You can feel their power. Feelings are able to flow. You give attention.
Connection between the Magician and the Aces:
The magician knows how to use the elements of all these aces. The quality of all these aces lay within him, when he handles his energy, feelings, thoughts and the circumstances the right way.
The aces also stand for new beginnings. The Magician has the possibility to start new things. He is open for this as well.
The Magician is able to melt the elements together to achieve the best results.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The inspiration called Voyager

Still very inspired by the voyager tarot. So I planned on doing this:
10 posts with the Voyager tarot
What does that mean??? Well, to get to know the cards better I'm going to work my way through them in a numerological way. For example, in my first post I will do all the cards that have a connection with the number 1. I'll be looking at the Magician (I), Fortune (X), The Sun (XIX) and the Aces.
This will be continued in a total of 10 posts. I'm already looking forward to it. My first post will be tomorrow.

For some inspiration right now, I want to show you this short film made by James Wanless. It's about the year 2009 in connection with the tarot.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Voyager card titles

In my last post I wrote about the card titles of the Voyager tarot and how they might be confusing to me.
Well.............. on Aeclectic Tarot there's an interview with James Wanless himself, and this is his answer to my question:

"It is the easiest deck in the world, because it has a title at the top, which is a form of symbolism in itself, but there are so many other rich symbols in there that you can always find something."

"I view the Tarot deck as a map of life, and the titles on the cards give you a clue!"

Thank you Mr. Wanless for answering my question!!!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A wrong card in my deck

Yesterday I opened and looked at my Voyager deck intensively for the first time. And I found out that there is one English card in my deck. All other cards are in Dutch. Since I have had this deck for quite some time now, I can't go back with it.
My lesson is: Always check a deck when you buy one!!!!!!
I'm not troubled by it though. I think it probably should be this way. The deck is complete, no cards are missing, so I can do readings with it.
The cards do have a good vibe, so I look forward about doing a spread with them this evening. The only thing I'm wondering about is how the interpretation of the cards will go. Because each card has a title written on it, I'm afraid of being influenced to much by these words.
Well..............time will tell I guess.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What about the Voyager tarot?

As I wrote in my previous post, my husband and me went to Amsterdam last Monday. The reason we went there was because I got a consultation from one of my teachers, who gives some of the tarot classes I'm taking.
The tarot reading was really clear to me and I'm happy he did one for me.

He used the Voyager tarot to do the reading. I own this deck as well, but never get to using it somehow. This reading got me thinking though. Maybe I have to use this deck more often. I don't know if it fits me completely, but I sure want to find out.
So, tonight I'm starting with a (little) Voyager journey. I will keep you posted about the things I find out.

Morgan Greer

Last Monday my husband and me went to Amsterdam. At the new age store called Himalaya, I bought the Morgan Greer deck. This deck was on my wish list, so I'm happy they had it in their collection. These cards are different from the other cards in my collection. The fact that they haven't got borders is something I really like about them.

While going trough the cards the clear images really got to me. The only thing I have to do is not compare them so much with the Rider Waite cards. The things that are important are being showed. The idea that some of the details are missing is something I have to let go.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Queen of Swords

Today I again pulled the Queen of Swords card. I also pulled this card last week and because I already wrote an article about court cards, this is a nice addition to it.
Though I don't really dislike any card in the deck, I would rather not see myself as the Queen of Swords. The reason lies in the fact that she seems kind of cold to me. She shows only one side of her face. To me that feels as if she isn't very open. Not in touch with her feelings.
The fact is, when I'm not feeling okay, I am distant and maybe a little cold. This is not something I like about myself, so I guess this card works as a mirror to me.

Of course there are also a lot of positive things to say about this card. She seems to be a honest person, who will look at the facts and will not be influenced by things other people say. I think she is a strait forward, no nonsense kind of girl.
While I'm typing this I start to recognize more and more about myself.
That's the beauty of tarot I think!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Moon

Because I pulled the Moon card two times this week, I spend some time this evening looking at the different moon cards in a few of the decks I own.
Tough the description of this card is more negative than positive in most books, I don't mind pulling it. It really got me thinking these past few days..............
The moon gives us a cyclus, and for women that's something we can connect with. From the cards shown in this post the feminine side of the moon is most clearly shown in the Universal Waite deck. That's something I like about this card.

Also I like to think the moon is that one light that you can see in the darkness.

When you're feeling down, the moon is the reason to be a little more cheerful. And when you're feeling better, the sun will begin to shine for you! It reminds me that you need to experience the more darker side of life sometimes. It makes you more grateful of all the beautiful things you have, so you can appreciate them for what they are.
Of course I also see this card as a representation of the fears in your life. And the special spiritual feeling the moon gives us is also important in this card.

The cards in this post are from the Universal Waite, Quest, Toth and Druid Craft decks. As you can see, all these cards show us a path. I think it's the path of life. It isn't always strait, there might be some bumps along the way, but it sure takes us further.
What do you think of the Moon card???

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Court cards (I am who I am)

A couple of weeks ago I bought Mary K. Greer's and Tom Little's book, Understanding the tarot court. It's a shame it isn't published in Dutch, but that sure counts for a lot of tarot books.
Because of the two year tarot class I'm taking, I have a special interest in the court cards at the moment. And since I'm one of those people who want to have everything there is on the subject I'm interested in, I think this book is a great addition to my collection!

By the way, hope you understand my writings a little. English isn't my natural language of course.

One of the exercises in the book is picking out your significator. That's the court card you feel most connected with.
Today I picked the page of pentacles. I used the Universal Waite deck.

Why did I pick this card? I think it's because of the curiosity that this page is looking at the pentacle in his hands with. He sees the opportunities that lie in it and he kind of admires that. Of course he's also a young person and I am too, but I didn't look at the pages only. This card really stood out for me.
That curiosity is something that I can connect with. It's in my nature I guess. And when something pulls my attention (like tarot did), I can see a thousand of opportunities...........

Friday, January 2, 2009

New year, new energy

I started the new year with a whole lot of new energy and it feels great!!! Seems like I really closed 2008. The last few weeks of 2008 I had a lack of energy that was totally unbelievable to me. I didn't recognize myself at all.
So this new shot of energy feels so good, it makes me totally happy!!!
And I used it for the better too!!! I cleaned my house today. Feels fresh now, like I feel myself.
I put away the Christmas stuff and decorated the room like I wanted it to look right now. Also did some grocery shopping and brought in some fresh white roses to put on the table. They are so them!!!
To get some insight on this fresh energy I'm feeling, I pulled a card from my Thoth deck. This is the deck I learned using tarot cards with. It was some time ago I used this deck, but it will always be special for me.
I pulled the queen of swords to give me insight.

Yes, I totally feel this card. Sitting on top of the clouds, not hiding any more. Just being herself. Think she represents me quite well.......
It's also a reminder for later on I guess, because this feeling I'm having now won't last forever.
There are also two warnings in it for me:
1. Don't go drifting off on these clouds, or put your head in them.
2. Don't fall off, because the landing won't be soft.

I like the way she is holding the mask in her hand. That shows to me that I don't have to pretend being someone that I'm not. So that's what I'm going to try to do more this new year in front of me, being myself.