Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New vision on the Rider Waite

To be honest I never really liked the Rider Waite tarot. When tarot came in my life, someone gave me the advise to buy the Universal Waite. The colours of the Universal Waite are softer and seem to be more gentle.
At a course I once took, a Rider Waite tarot was included. When I looked at these pictures I thought they where kind of harsh. I put them away immediately.
Because I was working with the Crowley at that time, I didn’t connect with the Waite tarot at all, not with the original and not with the Universal.
As time went by, I started a two year tarot course. This course acquired u to use the Rider Waite tarot in the first year. Okay………….that was something I had to get used to. I picked up the Universal, because of the soft colours to get started.Now, after 6 months of taking the course, something changed.
As we spoke about the cards and their meanings, I suddenly missed something in the Universal cards. It was a sense of clearness that was missing in the cards for me.
When I got home I took the original Rider Waite cards out of their package and they just felt right. As if I suddenly understood what it was all about with these cards. Never felt so close to them before.

Why I’m telling this story? I was wondering if you ever got a change of heart, when it comes to tarot decks? Just let me know!!


Onyx said...

Do I have a change of heart about Tarot decks? All the time! I am sorry to admit though it is the more typical "This is genius" to the "Well not so much" variety. But I am having the same experience as I work with the Liber T. I am starting to see the Thoth style of decks very compelling after so many years of saying they were not for me.

Helen said...

Hi Charlene!

When I first started to study tarot seriously I used the Orginal Rider Waite, but I really didn't like it at all. The colours did not inspire me in any way, but I pushed on with it. Then I stopped using it and swapped to the Gilded Tarot and read exclusively with that for about a year. Sometime after that I spotted the Radiant Rider Waite, I love is bright colours and it is still my choice when using the Rider Deck as a reading deck. However as a study deck I have come to love the Orginal it's nearer to Pixies colours that she used. So when I talk about the Rider Deck in a study format it is the Original I am looking at and have come to learn to love.

switch-fotografie said...

Hi Charlene,

Ik heb dat bij tijd en wijle. Dan kan ik opeens heel erg enthousiast zijn over Voyager bijvoorbeeld. Ik weet ook niet waar dat aan ligt, maar dan spreken de beelden zonder dat je daar de woorden bij nodig hebt. Ook het druïdentarot gebruik ik vaak voor mezelf en Dochters van de Maan Tarot. Ik kijk dan niet eens welke kaart het is, alleen de beelden laat ik tot me doordringen. Heel interessant. Hoe dit komt? Ik weet het ook niet. Soms denk ik wel eens dat het iets te maken kan hebben met je vorige levens. Welke levensles ben je op dit moment aan het leren, misschien past daar wel een bepaald spel bij. Wat vind jij daarvan, en snap je wat ik bedoel?

Ik kan dit niet in het engels helaas.