Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Change of process

Of course I know for myself that I'm going trough a different process right now. But it's showing in my daily draws too. Different cards are drawn than a couple of months ago.
Like the six of cups. This is a card that I never used to draw from the deck and it's been showing up more often lately.
While I always thought of this card to be a little childish, I can really connect with it right now.It shows me how things used to be and how much I want that back. It also shows me that I have to go back to remembering that old feeling. That childlike happy feeling, not worrying about problems.

I think it's pretty cool to see this change of process in the cards. It gave me lot's if insight!!!

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Helen said...

I like your interpretation of childlike feelings and not worrying about problems.

I also think that the 6 cups sometimes appears to remind us not to look back with rose coloured glasses and imagine the past was actually better than it really was. It can be a timely reminder to tell us to use the experiences of the past to help us form a better future rather than live in the past and lack the energy to invest in the present or future.

It is definitely a card of nostalgia, its how we allow that nostalgia to affect us that counts.

Just a different perspective on this sweet card.