Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Losing negativity

This is something I really need to do. Since I told my boss I'm leaving, my workplace isn't the most positive environment.
When I saw what James Wanless wrote on Twitter, I finally got it. This is what I've got to do!!
He wrote:
CotD- Five of Crystals - Use negativity to help you move forward instead of stopping you from trying.

Say no to negativity, self-criticism, self-limitation; say yes to calm confidence, quite composure, and energetic action.

By acknowledging the negativity in our lives, we can move on to great ideas and better choices instead of giving up on our goals. Keep going!

My card for today is: Four of Wands, Aspiration. This card tells me to set my goals and make them doable. This is how I can make my dreams come true. The sky is the limit.

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