Thursday, January 5, 2012

Finding an old love

My card for today is the Queen of Cups.

She is totally in touch with her feelings. A loving woman this Queen represents for me.
She looks at situations with care.
This is the way I may look at my own situation. Not beeing able to do everything at work and at home is difficult for me. But I can’t blame myself or anyone else for this, so  why would I judge myself?
I feel kind of lasy when I’m not able to do all these things. What I'm trying is to look at myself as she would do.

She also gives me a thankfull feeling. She represents how I feel about finding my “lost love” the tarot again.
It’s so great to use the cards for myself again. Nog focussing on reading for others, but pure for myself.
Just love it!

Tonight I’m going to read a book about tarot, just because I love myself :-) And that is not beeing lasy at all!

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