Sunday, January 25, 2009

The "1" cards of the Voyager

So, here is my first post about the Voyager cards. I'm starting with the "1" cards.
1. Magician
2. Fortune (10=1+0=1)
3. Sun (19=1+9=10=1+0=1)
4. The Aces
I started looking at these cards yesterday and wrote the things I noticed on some pieces of paper. For this post I will shorten my findings, because I have already wrote four A4 pages..............

I Magician
You see what happens in the world and everywhere around you, and you act on that. All elements (of the minor arcana) are available. Results are in your own hands. The energy to start new things. The power to use all elements available. It's how you use them to see what the result will be.
X Fortune
Wealth inside and out. Life is like a rollercoaster, with its ups and downs. Sometimes you need a bad thing to happen, to see the good things around you. Good things are coming to you.
Strength and warmth, that's what this card feels like. Enjoying life. The connection with everything around you. Positive energy and the possibility to receive it.
Warning: Don't get burned out, by using too much energy or using it the wrong way!
The connection I see between these major arcana cards: For me they all have something to do with power and energy. The power you use and the energy you're willing to put in (Sun), to accomplish something in your life (Magician). Doing this, you can comprehend with all the ups and downs you come across (Fortune).

Are you still with me.........?? Okay, here come the Aces.
Ace of wands: Illumination
An explosion of energy. The possibility to oversee things. This can make things more clear. You can put your finger on some things. You can guide your energy in the right direction.
Ace of worlds: Success
There are lots of possibilities. When you use the right qualities on the right moment, you can achieve a whole lot. When you know you're in the right place in this universe, you can be very successful.
Ace of Crystals: Brilliance
New ideas can set of a spark in your eyes. There are always more sides to things, examine all sides to know for sure. All possibilities you see, puts you aside from the others around you. You only have to see a glimpse of something, to get an explosion of ideas.
Don't hurt yourself by having negative thoughts.
Ace of Cups: Ecstasy
You can get excited by the beauty in everything that surrounds you. You have an eye for things/people/nature that appear to be fragile. You can feel their power. Feelings are able to flow. You give attention.
Connection between the Magician and the Aces:
The magician knows how to use the elements of all these aces. The quality of all these aces lay within him, when he handles his energy, feelings, thoughts and the circumstances the right way.
The aces also stand for new beginnings. The Magician has the possibility to start new things. He is open for this as well.
The Magician is able to melt the elements together to achieve the best results.


Helen said...

I enjoyed reading this Charlene, the connection between the Magician and the Aces can clearly be seen.

I always like to think of the Magician as having the power to create and the Aces as being potential.

The Aces to me are just the raw energy of their suit not fully formed yet but just the promise of what they could be.

charlene said...

Hi Helen,
Thanks for your comment. That last part about the aces being the raw energy I really like!!!