Saturday, January 24, 2009

The inspiration called Voyager

Still very inspired by the voyager tarot. So I planned on doing this:
10 posts with the Voyager tarot
What does that mean??? Well, to get to know the cards better I'm going to work my way through them in a numerological way. For example, in my first post I will do all the cards that have a connection with the number 1. I'll be looking at the Magician (I), Fortune (X), The Sun (XIX) and the Aces.
This will be continued in a total of 10 posts. I'm already looking forward to it. My first post will be tomorrow.

For some inspiration right now, I want to show you this short film made by James Wanless. It's about the year 2009 in connection with the tarot.

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archertarot said...

Hi Charlene,
10 numerological posts...that's a great way to explore a deck. I'm making a mental note of that to try with one of my decks one day.
Glad you're enjoying the Voyager - it's wonderful when you find a deck you can really dig your teeth into!