Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Moon

Because I pulled the Moon card two times this week, I spend some time this evening looking at the different moon cards in a few of the decks I own.
Tough the description of this card is more negative than positive in most books, I don't mind pulling it. It really got me thinking these past few days..............
The moon gives us a cyclus, and for women that's something we can connect with. From the cards shown in this post the feminine side of the moon is most clearly shown in the Universal Waite deck. That's something I like about this card.

Also I like to think the moon is that one light that you can see in the darkness.

When you're feeling down, the moon is the reason to be a little more cheerful. And when you're feeling better, the sun will begin to shine for you! It reminds me that you need to experience the more darker side of life sometimes. It makes you more grateful of all the beautiful things you have, so you can appreciate them for what they are.
Of course I also see this card as a representation of the fears in your life. And the special spiritual feeling the moon gives us is also important in this card.

The cards in this post are from the Universal Waite, Quest, Toth and Druid Craft decks. As you can see, all these cards show us a path. I think it's the path of life. It isn't always strait, there might be some bumps along the way, but it sure takes us further.
What do you think of the Moon card???


Lady of the Moor said...

Beautiful outlook with the Golden Tarot on top! Nice to know that you started a blog.

I like the Moon, a many-layered card. For me it often comes up when I need to trust my instinct.

Helen said...

Nice article.

You know when I first started to learn tarot this was one of the cards that confused me the most. Now I have come to learn to love the moon, because besides it message of facing up to those fears we may have and bringing them into the light out of the shadows. I have also come to understand that this card is ultimately a card of visions, dreams, imagination and creative ability driven on by the moon's influence for us to use in the most effective and productive way we can.

So when I see this card I often think now is the time to allow the moon to illuminate me and bring out that creativity that lurks within. Open my mind to my dreams and allow them to speak in ways I may not have heard before, but it still reminds me to be sure to look into the shadows and see what may well lie hidden there, because if I can bring it into the soft light of the moon it will not be anything to fear.

charlene said...

Hi Helen,

Thanks for your comment. You are right about the creative and visionary part. That's what is so great about the moon card. It has more than one meaning to is.
But that of course counts for most of the cards.