Thursday, January 22, 2009

A wrong card in my deck

Yesterday I opened and looked at my Voyager deck intensively for the first time. And I found out that there is one English card in my deck. All other cards are in Dutch. Since I have had this deck for quite some time now, I can't go back with it.
My lesson is: Always check a deck when you buy one!!!!!!
I'm not troubled by it though. I think it probably should be this way. The deck is complete, no cards are missing, so I can do readings with it.
The cards do have a good vibe, so I look forward about doing a spread with them this evening. The only thing I'm wondering about is how the interpretation of the cards will go. Because each card has a title written on it, I'm afraid of being influenced to much by these words.
Well..............time will tell I guess.

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Sharyn said...

The more you use your decks Charlene, the more they will speak to you. They are much more than keywords and that 'more' will come to you with use.

Sharyn/Quirkeries (AJ)