Saturday, February 28, 2009

The "3" cards of the Voyager Tarot

In this post I'm going to talk about seven cards that are related to the III card in the tarot deck.
Of course the Empress, being the official III card. But also the minor arcana cards that belong to the III series.
Than there are the Hanged Man XII (12=1+2=3) and the Universe XXI (21=2+1=3), which also have a connection with the number 3.

The first card is III Empress
The Empress card many times is called the Mother Nature card. The way the Voyager tarot portraits the Empress, Mother Nature could be a good description as well. She seems to be filled with love as she is standing before the earth, on this beautiful and valuable meadow.
Valuable as in ideas an opportunities. There is space to create and to be open for everything that surrounds you.
The dove and the flower symbolize the loving and peaceful character of the Empress.

Three of Crystals: Creativity
This card shows the opportunity to make something more of your ideas. To be able to go from thoughts to deeds, and the possibility that something beautiful can exist.Sometimes ideas can be a bit rough, but with the right amount of creativity they can turn into shining crystals which you show with pride.
Three of Cups: Love
This card shows the aspects of receiving love as well as giving love.Feelings, are showed in this card as flowing flowers and water. I think when your feeling are flowing, love is possible.The rose and the fish show the beauty of love.
Three of Worlds: Nurturing
On this card you can see an elephant and a bird who take care of their baby’s. This can be real baby’s but also baby’s in terms of ideas or things you have created. You have to take care of your ideas and creations as well, to get the best out of them.
This card shows all kinds of food. Again the necessity of healthy food for body and soul is shown.
Three of wands: Compassion
This card shows the helping hand we all need every now and then. A hand that can offer loving care and doesn’t judge us.The red hand shows a lot of energy. Energy that can be used to heal. The different kinds of air are a sign to me, that you can use/show compassion in different situations.The Butterfly shows that you can be compassionate in a very subtle way. And trough this, transformation can take place.
The connection between the Empress and the minor Arcana cards:
The 3 cards of the minor Arcana all show the soft and loving side of the Empress.To me the minor Arcana cards are all soft and healing cards. But they have enough power to accomplish something.Again all the minor Arcana cards show us the same qualities as the major Arcana card, they are just divided.

XII The Hanged Man:
This card shows us the surrender that is needed to be able to look at things from another side. The principle to consciously stand still, so you can move on, being more focused. This card shows that it lies in your own hands to be able to do this.With the loving energy of the Empress this can be made a lot easier. This also counts for the 3 cards in the minor Arcana.
XXI The Universe:
This card shows that you are a part of a big completeness. It shows the connection with everything.The earth is a part of the Universe, and so is the Empress (Mother Earth).The Universe never stands still and is always evolving. This applies to all of us.We want this evolution to be as valuable as possible. As valuable as the meadow on the card of the Empress.


Helen said...

Hey Charlene I was interested to note that the 3 cups shows a fish. I have read that a fish can symbolise transformation. I think it is in Pictures from the Heart by Sandra Thomson that she tells us there are many myths of people being chased who leap into the water to save themselves and are transformed into fish..... Love is one of the great transformers don't you think?

As always I read your posts with interest.

charlene said...

Hi Helen,
I think you are absolutely right!!
Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate your reactions.