Saturday, February 14, 2009

Johfra Zodiac Signs

As I mentioned before, I'm taking tarot classes every three weeks, to complete a two year tarot education. The last class I took, was about Astrology. Very interesting, but kind of tough to learn.
Our teacher showed us a book from Johfra, an artist who made paintings about the zodiac signs. I thought they were so beautiful, that I went searching for a copy of the book for myself. My teachers book was written in French. Because I don't understand a bit of that, I was happy to find myself a Dutch copy. The same book was published in English as well.
My zodiac sign is Virgo. I found the picture of the painting on the internet. Isn't it beautiful??? And the others are gorgeous as well!!! In the book there is a complete description of each zodiac sign. The specific details of every painting are zoomed into as well.
The reason I mention this book is because many people like tarot because of the images. When you're attracted to tarot because of that reason, this is a cool way of getting to know some more about astrology.

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Helen said...

That's a lovely painting!