Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Sun

For those who are wondering......... The next post in the category "10 posts with the Voyager" is coming. I just haven't had the time yet to write a full post about that one.
In the mean while I have been pulling daily cards from de Voyager deck. Today I pulled the Sun card. My first thought about that was that this would be a happy day with lots of "sunshine". That wasn't completely true looking back on this day though.
While being at work, I had to conclude that it was showing me something about the way I reacted to things today. With a whole lot of fire that was!!!! The card really worked as a mirror and that was good for me!! A good lesson I think haha.

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Helen said...

What a great Sun card!

You know sometimes the Sun card is not just about happiness, but it is about understanding ourselves better. I often think that when you have reached the stage of the sun, you have learnt to be more comfortable with yourself and therefore do not need to prove anything to yourself or anyone else. The Sun can be about learning to acknowledge those things we can change and accepting those things we cannot.

Perhaps when it shows up, it suggests to us that now is good time to plan for the future and take a positive attitude towards your goals.

The Sun in your card looks like a giant Sunflower and it looks very hot.. you know the hot side of the sun can warn us against being too over confident which in turn can lead to arrogance and also an insensitivity to the needs of others.

When you look at the number of this card which is 19 - added together become 1+9 = 10 - thats an ending and beginning all in one go! This also breaks down to 1+0 =1 and here we are again back to will power and self assertion.

Enough of my wafflings lol - I like the image of your Sun card very much!