Monday, February 9, 2009

The "2" cards of the voyager

II The Priestess
The Priestess is a very intuitive woman, what makes this a very intuitive card. In this card you see a lot of elements that stand for feelings and wisdom. The first thing that I noticed about the woman figure on the card is her diamond eye. She clearly has the ability to see things clear. She also wants to look at all the facets, before she judges something or someone. The moon above her head again shows her sensitive side. But also the gift to keep her head strait when the nights are dark.
The dolphin is a sensitive animal that communicates by sending delicate signals. The Priestess has the ability to sense delicate signs in her surroundings. The owl shows her wisdom.
The water on the card is for me another sign for coping with your feelings and emotions, but also the ability to let people look in their mirror.
The blue color of the card makes the Priestess look a bit cold to me. She will keep a distance. The connection with XI (11=1+1=2) Strength
The Priestess is a person with a powerful mind. This person is like the lion (from the cat family) very intuitive. She can take a lot on her shoulders, but misses the fire that is shown on the strength card. She is a lot more in control.
The connection with XX (20=2+0=2) Time-Space
The Time-Space card gives the opportunity the oversee the situation. To look back at that what you have left behind. The most important connection between the Time-Space card and the Priestess for me is the fact that the Priestess is a person that sees the overall picture. She holds herself and the situation in control. Self reflection is a word that fits both cards in my opinion. Two of wands: Purity
This card shows the untouched. The bright and the new. It shows purity in every way.The snow, with just a couple of prints in it, the bright blue sky and the window that shows nothing but light. Then there are the lotus flower and the flame of the candle which both stand for flawlessness and pureness. The energy is flawless and pure. Things are done with the best intentions. Two of Worlds: Reflection
The snowy landscape that is reflected in the wrinkle free lake. The bright sky with stars and the big moon. The snow that lies there untouched. It’s the perfect surrounding to be silent. Te look at your yourself and your life. This will help you to make choices. By looking in the mirror every now and then, it will be more clear what you want to do with your life. Two of Crystals: Equanimity
The crystal on this card seems to be a big diamond, as in the eye of the Priestess. It seems as if this diamond can oversee all the other crystals. The word realization pops in my head. Your thoughts are clear and you know what you should do.
Don’t place yourself above others, because you think you already know it all. Two of Cups: Equilibrium
On the background of this card there are four landscapes. Four different landscapes that are balanced by their state of weather. This is an appearance of stability. Keep your feelings balanced, then there will be stability. That’s also the reason that this heavily loaded duck can keep moving. The different kinds of plant, which represent different kind of emotions, are balanced.

Connection between the two’s of the minor arcana and the Priestess:
The first obvious connection are the colors. The blue color dominates and feels a little cold to me. For me that represents the detached principle where the Priestess is connected with.
For me the two cards of the minor arcana all represent something that lives within the Priestess.


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