Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lucky Day

This is definitely my Lucky Tarot Day!!!!
Today mp3 cd of The Process arrived at my house. I ordered it last Monday at the Tarot Garden and I didn't thought it would arrive so quick in the Netherlands. So, I'm totally excited about it.
Then, I was able to buy the Ancestral Path Tarot today. This deck is out of print and was able to purchase it kind of cheap. That's always great to!!!!
I'm enjoying my lucky tarot day ;)


Helen said...

That's great! Nice to see you have such a wonderful day :O)

Mouse said...

The Ancestral is a lovely deck, I hope you have lots of fun with it :)

x Mouse

charlene said...

The deck arrived yesterday and was in perfect state!!! The cards look great. I think they are a nice addition to my collection.