Thursday, December 29, 2011

0 - The Fool

The first thing I notice when I look at the face of the fool, is that he reminds me of a former president of the USA.
I don't know if Ciro Marchetti did this on purpose, so I'll try not to pay attention to it.
Sure think it's funny :-)

The first difference I see when I compare this card with Rider Waite is the fact that this Fool is floating in the sky.
There is no dog or other animal to warn him for any kind of danger.

He is playing with te signs of the zodiak. In the mean while, he is balancing a ring on his ankle.

Because of his cloathing he reminds of the joker in a "regular" card game.
As if he is there to entertain others.

This card is about playing for me. To look at things in a playfull way.
But also about discovering and curiosity.

Things I find interesting from the companion book:
The signs of the zodiac all represent a characteristic, where he is playing with.
He can choose wich one he wants to use/ represent.
But, one can also come radomly to him.

The Fool's massage is to adopt a playful attitude in a serious situation.
(something I have to do more often)
It tells you that you are at a crossroads and you have no way of knowing where each road will end.
Pick one that strikes your fancy and set out with courage and a light heart.

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