Thursday, December 29, 2011

I - The Magician

The first thing I notice are the eyes of the Magician in this card.
He doesn't avoid you, and stands for his case.
A serious and concentrated man.

He also reminds me of Merlin the wizzard.

Just like in the Rider Waite, this Magician has all elements of the tarot within his reach.
And he is actually using them.
He seems to control them, what shows he controls the different features which belong to the elements.

Above his head/ crown chakra you can clearly see a bright light.
For me this represents the connection with spirit.
His connection with the divine.

Interesting things from the companion book:
He is aware of the power of his will.
By learning to control his will and the elements, he can accomplish whatever he chooses.
The Magician's message is one of discipline and responsibility.

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