Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wrong expectations

Today is a special day! We became aunt en uncle for the first time!! The sister of my husband gave birth to her first child. A little girl named Britt. So special to end the year this way.

My husband is over the moon and that's so sweet. To bad he has to work today and his boss doesn't want to give him a few hours off to visit his siter..... Now we have to wait till tonight before we can see them.

Even though I'm am so happy with the birth of our niece, I'm kind of mad at my husbands boss at the same time. There are lot's of people working today, so there is no reason my husband has to be there all day.
He is always there and doesn't ask for a lot of free time at all. It feels really unfair...

Because I wanted to know what to do with my anger I pulled a card from my good old Rider Waite.
Instead of pulling one, I picked two cards. They just stuck together :-)
And when I looked at them, I could understand why!

I pulled the seven of cups en the ten of swords.
So, these cards show me the illusion we had about how the boss of my husband would react and the way it was feeling when he didn't give him a few hours off.
I felt my husband was beeing stabbed in the back.

The cards bought me in touch with my feelings of disappointment and that is what I wanted to let go.
A beautiful lesson at the end of this year.

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