Saturday, January 14, 2012

Activity 1: The Card

To go through all the activities of "21 ways to read a tarot card" I have to pick a card from one of my decks.
The deck I decided to use is.....................The Gilded Tarot.
I think it's a nice way to get to know this deck better.
Now I have to choose one card to use for all the activities. To do this I pulled three cards from the deck.
I got the Three of Swords, The Empress and the Eight of Pentacles. From these cards I chose The Empress.
Studying my other decks I never really conected with The Empress. So there's a chalenge.
And since I'm going to be a mother for the first time I think the energy of the card fits my situation.

So that's the first activity for now.
Looking forward to the next one!

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