Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Elements of Consiousness spread

On Lisa's blog Tarotize I saw her Elements of Consiousness spread.

I found it really inspiring, so I decided to do this spread for myself, using the Gilded tarot.
This is how the spread is built up:

- The central card shows me how to align with my Higher Self in order to release any blocks to Spirit energy.
- The card at the bottom represents the Fire Element and my ability to express my true self - being authentic.
- The card to the left is Water and shows me what I need to know about my intuition in connection with reactivity/response.
- The card on top is the Earth Element and signifies my trust in the ability of creation to receive my responses in the constant dialogue of life.
- The card to the right is the Air Element and represents how I can learn to detach and become the Observer.

When I was working at this spread my blog got lost, so I had to do it all again.... Maybe other words and another view where necessery to make this a good learning expierence for me.

Spirit King of Pentacles:
For me this card is about beeing in control and beeing balanced in your world.
Not letting things/people around you distract you.
Beeing distracted from what is important for me and not feeling in balance, will eventually block my spirit energy.

Fire The Sun:
The Sun is the ultimate card for expressing your true self if you ask me!
When you are pure and open you will shine like the sun.
The feeling of beeing connected to the whole universe can support this even more.

Water Three of Wands:
Using my intuition is no problem. There is enough trust and power in myself to see what good it brings me.
But sometimes it's helpfull to have some patience to see what the results are. It can take some time before you see what comes out of it.

Earth Knight of Pentacles:
Although I'm powerfull and passionate I somehow feel the need to protect myself.
I have the energy to go for it and to walk my own path. This I can do holding my head up high, since I know I'm sincere in the things I do.

Air Nine of Cups
For me this card shows that all that is needed is to enjoy life as much as possible.
It's not necessery to be serious al the time. This can lead to getting stuck and then you won't be able to take some distance.

So the advice is: drink health to life! This can give you a clear view.

It was a challenging spread for me. I had some difficulties making myself clear writing in English. I hope it makes sense to you reading it though.


Lisa Frideborg Lloyd said...

That's a lovely reading with this spread, Charlene, and I had no problems understanding your English! I feel the reading truly reflects where you are on your journey... and how fabulous to have The Sun in Fire! :)

charlene said...

Thank you Lisa!! It is a wonderfull spread. And yes, The Sun!!!!!!! That's nice :-)