Sunday, January 29, 2012

Preparing a deck

How fun is it to buy a new tarot deck?!
Most tarot readers will agree with me that it's just great!

Not every new tarot deck I buy becomes a "working deck" for me.
When I use a deck every once in a while, I keep it in the box it comes in.

When a deck really speaks to me I keep it in a special bag.
Next to this I prepare this deck. The reason I do this, is because I don't like the way a new deck feels.
The cards can be very slippery and since I almost never do my readings on a table, this can get kind off annoying.
I like it when a deck feels used and doesn't look all new and shiny.

The method I use I got from what I read on the Aeclectic tarot forum.

Yesterday and today I have been preparing my Gilded Tarot deck.
Although I always find it a bit scary, because I don't want to mess the deck up, I'm totally happy with the result.
The deck feels great!! It's ready for beeing used even more :-)

Wonder if you have any special ways to treat a new deck? Let me know!

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John Tee said...

Use them as often as possible :)
I tend to use tarot-bags (buidels) for my favourite decks (Mary Hanson, Colman Smith). The rest I normally leave in the box they came in...
You can see them in action on my own site