Thursday, January 12, 2012

Staying close to myself

After working at home yesterday, today was another day at the office for me.
Before leaving for work I pulled The Hermit card. A nice card to keep in mind while practicing staying close to myself.
I tend to give to much and that's something I just can't do now.

As reminder of this card of the day I use my phone. I have pictures of all cards from the Rider Waite stored on it and every day I put my card of the day as a background on the screen.
I think this is a great way to stay conected with the card throughout the day.

At work I did a good job staying close to myself.

Now beeing at home, I was thinking about The Hermit again and I see now that there is more to this card today.
It's also about keeping this blog.
I have so many ideas on which I want to shine my light. I just don't allow myself to take the time to work them out.
After realising this, I decited to take the time and write this blog. Being one with myself.

My goal is to post more often and not only daily cards, but more projects and thoughts about the tarot also.

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