Thursday, January 19, 2012

Activity 2

Time for the second activity using the book "21 ways to read a tarot card".
I posted this on the facebook group as well, but for everbody that isn't a member of that group it might be intersting as well.

First I'll discribe the card I chose objectively.
I see a woman with red/brown hair. She is wearing a black dress with a golden patern on it. Around her hips she is wearing a red belt. The belt is long and has golden buttons on it.
Around her neck she is wearing a necklace.
Her coat/cape is green and the sleeves end in a point.
On her face she is wearing make-up

In her hands she holds a golden circel with a cross at the bottem.  She is watching at this circle.
Around her there is a golden circle that shows the zodiac signs.

In the background there is sky in different colours with some stars and a green planet in it.
The card has a golden border and is black on the outside.
At the top of the border stands number III. At both sides there is a little black circle.
At the bottom of the borders I see the words "The Empress".

Now I will descripe my card from a first person perspective.
Here I am, standing in the open sky which has different coulors, several stars and a green planet in it.
The signs of the zodiac are all around me as I stand in the middle of them.

I am wearing a black dress with a golden patern on it. I'm also wearing a red long belt with golden buttons and a grean coat with pointy sleeves.
Around my neck I am wearing a necklace.
I am also wearing make-up.

In my hands I hold a golden circle with a cross at the bottom and I'm watching at it.

The key to these exercises it to keep beeing objective. This is difficult, because you are likely to assume things that aren't really there.

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